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Colour Studio implements color design that bridges functionality, aesthetics, and science.

The effect of color on human beings goes beyond our conscious perception of ‘good taste’ and beauty. Colors evoke a wide spectrum of physical and behavioral responses.

Drawing upon knowledge from psychology, color theory, visual ergonomics, medical and biological research, cultural associations, and geographic location, each project is functionally analyzed to create  beneficial and life enhancing experiences.


Jill Pilaroscia is one of the leading color consultants in the United States with over 30 years of experience and is a fully accredited member of the IACC ( International Association of Color Consultants.) and the ISCC ( Inter Society Color Council).


Her thesis on the impact color has in industrial facilities  “Color in the Manufacturing Environment” is archived in both the European and the United States headquarters of the IACC..  As Principal at Colour Studio, Jill has a proven track record of successful color application, demonstrating a balance of cross disciplinary color science and innovative aesthetic solutions.  Her belief in the power of color has shaped her passion to educate the public and design professionals about the value of color...

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