Plant mulch Study

Professor M. D. Orzolek at Penn State has studied the impact of colored mulch on plant production and yield. (Image 1)

Wohlfarth Study

Dr. Harry Wohlfarth of Canada performed several significant studies on the effects of color and light in school settings. His main study, titled "Effects of Color and Light on the Development of Elementary School Pupils" examined the impact of a psychodynamically designed color environment scholastic performance and physiological reactions of elementary school students for the 1982-83 school year. Results included a decrease in blood pressure, destructive behavior, and an improvement in academic performance when colors and light were altered in the classrooms. (Image 2)

The Center for Health Design Pebble Project

The Pebble Project seeks to find examples of healthcare organizations whose facility design has made a difference in the quality of care for patients as well as the organization's financial performance.

Emotions' Relation to Color

Young-Jin Lee and Joohyeon Lee develop an emotion model based on color combinations. This experiment tested subjects' emotional associations to color schemes frequently used in South Korean interior design to develop a model of color and emotional associations for creating color schemes.

Research Design Connections

A research site for design professionals.

"Color response is not one-dimensional, but multifaceted like the musical chord. You can use these influences to achieve a desired result in the built environment."

– Jill Pilaroscia